Introducing the Belwoods Garden

6 May

So I have been on Cortes Island for almost a week and I have fallen in love with my new little house and its beautiful garden.  I share this gem of a garden with all my new housemates here at Belwoods.  All of us are employees of Hollyhock for this season.  I work in the beautiful kitchen that over looks the Pacific ocean and has a stunning view  of the Mountains.  We cater to a variety of guests that are enrolled in programs like yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, and music.  Hollyhock has a beautiful organic garden where the gardeners deliver fresh greens daily.

So I wanted to share my garden with you that is on the verge of great beauty but more importantly some really great food.


Cherry trees are sheer beauty.  The gate keeps the dear out that are in the plenty on this tiny island.  Everyone in the house had their own garden bed and were growing every vegetable under the sun.

so we decided to hack out the dense overgrown blackberry bushes.  After many painful pokes from the thorns of the blackberry we had a sweet little spot.

Me and my sweetie had brought some heirloom seeds we got from a shop in Toronto called Urban Harvest with us.   We planted radish, greens, tomatoes, and peppers and we are looking forward to some great delicious eating  this summer.


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