Foraging For Nettles

8 May

Foraging for Nettles

Stinging Nettle its botanical name is Urtica Dioica which is most commonly found in damp areas of North America and Europe.  Stinging Nettle has a well know reputation for giving a sting when the skin touches the hairs on the leaves and stems.  The sting is a really irritating to the skin so make sure you where your gloves!

harvesting nettles

This herb has many well-known curative properties.  Here are just a few:

1. It is a diuretic

2. Really high in Iron great for battling anemia

3. Anti-Inflammatory – Histamines found in the Nettle plant can inhibit the body’s response to symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Stinging Nettle Plant

Nettle have many health benefits and can be substituted for spinach in any recipe.  I love them sautéed in a little butter and garlic.  Happy picking and eating.


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